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Gravel Road into the Forest

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Illustrations Copyright Ⓒ Sophia Logan-Barré

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BOOK 2 The Resident  Chameleon

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What if you were prey to poachers? What if those “poachers” were drawn to dollar signs, when surprise! your skin’s worth seven figures? And...what if they got you? My name is Chase, I’m a sixteen-year-old Exotic shapeshifter and, not to be dramatic, but this may just be the story of how I came to be a cardigan. 


Illustrations Copyright Ⓒ Sophia Logan-Barré

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BOOK 1 The Exotic Shapeshifter


What if one encounter with the wrong stranger could result in your body being made into a nice, fuzzy pair of transforming moccasins? And what if you had an incurable medical condition, that caused you unbearable pain every time you tried to change forms? My name is Chase, I’m a 16-year-old shapeshifter, and that would be my life. Well, minus the inconsistent homes, abusive adults, and friends that share (some) of my same circumstances. This is the story of how we ran away, how I ended up where I am, and everyone who’s to blame.  

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©2021 by In Case We're Made Into Coats. 

About  Author

Tessa Charleigh currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. She comes from a family line of doctors in varying medi cal fields and broke that line to become a writer. Tessa was raised in her mother's exotic veterinary clinic, gaining her unique life experiences and knowledge that she likes to integrate into her novels. Her series, In Case We're Made into Coats, was inspired by the desire to humanize shape shifters as a species, as well as to explore their position on matters such as health and habitual life.


About  Illustrator

Sophia’s drawings are linked to her passion for the natural world. She has a particular interest in birds, studying plumage and identifying individual calls and songs. She spends much of her time walking and keenly observing life in the woods of Maine and New Hampshire. Sophia’s drawings encompass both reflections of what she observes in nature and her interest in fantasy and pure invention.

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